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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Carolina Panthers 2014 Schedule Prediction: ESPN The MAGAZINE YOU ARE WRONG!

I walked into my parent’s house and I saw ESPN The Magazine sitting on my Dad’s desk. The cover read NFL 2014, who wouldn’t pick that up? I grabbed it and turned right to the index, and saw that ESPN was nice enough to predict the outcome of every game on every NFL team’s schedule.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Oh Godfrey, No Safety in Carolina's Secondary!

Oh Godfrey, Cam broke a rib. Oh Godfrey, Carolina has an entirely new receiving core. Oh Godfrey, Jordan Gross's retirement pushed Byron Bell to left tackle, and this line could be even worse than last year's. Oh Godfrey, Panther fans are in a panic. What, there’s more?  Oh Godfrey!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Carolina's Loss to Patriots Not Nearly as Bad as it Seems

Yes, we all watched last night's "Fiasco at Foxborough," we all have our opinions on it, and many are worried about the team regressing...even some writers here perhaps.

Well, I'm here to help put many of those fears to rest - I hope - as I see things in a bit of a different light.

1- I think first and foremost, the Panthers' offensive line looked about as clueless as as people who have no idea who Mr. Boddy is. Both tackle Nate Chandler and rookie guard Trai Turner stayed completely out of the game - didn't even dress - so our already thin o-line started the game with quite a handicap. 

When you're trying to "gel" an o-line, it takes time, patience and practice. Getting the o-line to play like the fingers of a hand is always the ultimate goal, but is only achieved by repetitions as a unit. So far, the Panthers haven't had that luxury. Chris Scott was in at RG and Garry Williams, a career castoff, started at RT. I have always liked LT Byron Bell, but I call him "The Turnstile" for a reason. He struggled all night long mainly against Chandler Jones.

Tune In for C3 Selection Saturday!

In a special Saturday show, just before the Colts vs Saints preseason match, we will draw draft positions for all four C3 leagues.  C3 will also hold Premium C3 Draft Guide raffle for an autographed DeAngelo Williams mini helmet. Make sure you have your team registered in the appropriate C3 league to heighten your chances of a higher draft pick. Any team not yet registered in the appropriate C3 league on FleaFlicker will be assigned draft selction after the lottery drawing. 

Podcast starts at 7 pm discussing that Fiasco in Foxborough.  Drawing at 7:30 pm. 

The Only Positive of the Panther’s Preseason Game Against the Patriots

Carolina’s first two preseason games reminded me of that inevitable moment in any guy’s life where the  hot girl in class is nice, and he gets courage to ask her for her number.  She is naturally nice, and even entertains his phone call. The third game, however, was the call where she told him she just wanted to be friends.  It stings. The euphoria so quickly dashed by a swift kick to the manhood.  That’s pretty much what happened last night at Gillette Stadium, where lady Brady said to Carolina, “kitty cats, aren’t they cute?”

The offensive line played terrible, the run game was non-existent, Cam looked indecisive at times and failed to connect on some easy open looks, the secondary blew coverages and missed tackles, and New England running backs ran through gaping holes left by a gassed defensive line.  On top of that, Greg Hardy re-aggravated his shoulder, Robert Lester sprained his ankle, Cam took a knee to the back, and everyone else who didn’t get hurt played gimpy anyway.  It was a long game, one that the Panthers never looked the least bit in control.