Preseason Win, Cam Confronts, and Moton Dominates (C3 Panthers Podcast Ep. 18.28)

Join the fellas as they discuss the Panthers preseason victory over the Bills, evaluate player and team performances, address the Cam Newton and Benjamin controversy. We'll also discuss Moton's solid performance at right tackle and try to unravel what we can learn about the roster and the team at this point. Oh, and did you see Tepper's video about the midfield logo? All this, your Cat Calls, and more on the #1 Panthers podcast.


Initial Reactions: 00:03:15
Preseason Positives: 00:08:20
Moton Impresses: 00:15:29
Underwhelming Defense  and Negatives 00:21:37
Cat Calls: 00:42:25
Cody goes off on Colin Cowherd: 00:43:35
C3 Fantasy Football Challenge: 00:58:35
Tepper and Midfield Logo: 01:02:40
Ice Up Picks: 01:15:40


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