Cam's 28th & the Falcons -25 Offseason (C3 Carolina Panthers Podcast Ep. 17.15)

The C3 Crew celebrates Cam Newton's B-day, discusses joint practices with the Titans, and looks at the Atlanta Falcons offseason with guest Corey Woodruff. 

Check out the show agenda in just a moment:

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Finish Him! Carolina Wins (C3 Panthers Podcast Ep. 15.47)

The Crew discusses Carolina's woodshed beating of the Atlanta Falcons, Charles Johnson's discontent with playing time, the addition of Robert McClain, the Josh Norman and Rodney Harrison feud, and much more.  

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OH NO, Carolina Is 12 0.... Go Go, Godzilla (C3 Carolina Panthers Podcast Ep 15.45)

Join the Crew as they celebrate the win of the New Orleans Saints to advance 12-0.  The Panthers take on another divisional opponent this week with the most hated Atlanta Falcons. We'll break down this past week's game and talk about how we can break down the broken winged Falcons next.

One Game, One Champ (Episode 14.17)

Join the Crew after a third straight victory, which lands the Carolina Panthers in a division championship game against the Atlanta Falcons.  The fellas will look at how Carolina cashed in against Money Manziel and the Cleveland Browns, and preview the game against the Falcons that could land the Panthers in the playoffs.  Tweet the show live #C3

Training Camp Chronicles Part 1: Panthers And Falcons (Episode 14.2)

Part 1 of our Divisional Camp Chronicles series, where we look at the Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons at this point in training camp. We have the Founder and Editor in Chief of DraftFalcons, +Scott Carasik Scott Carasik coming on the show. There is no one that knows more about the Dirty Birds than Scott. He will tell us why Atlanta will have a better record than the Panthers and what to look forward from Hotlanta this season. We won't roll over to his assessment you can be sure, but it is always nice to have a divisional opponent perspective. We'll talk injuries, the Great Gettleman Gaff--ney, and camp standouts. Tweet us at #C3 and we'll try to work you in the show.