"Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan" (C3 Carolina Panthers Podcast Ep. 15.55)

The Crew discussed the Panthers loss in Super Bowl 50 to the Denver Broncos. The guys will discuss the Panthers implosion, Denver's ferocious defense, Aqib Talib's dirty play, next year's grudge match, and if Carolina can rise up from this loss.  Special guest: Louie Tee (@inthelabroom) and Tripp Morgan (@trippmorgan6).

C3 Carolina Panthers Podcast: General Cam Leads Norman-D Invasion (Ep. 15.36)

Join the crew as they discuss the Panthers 4-0 start, Cam's MVP campaign, Josh Norman's elite status, Seattle's vulnerabilities, and Ryan Fresh Prince of Delaire.  Tweet the show using  #C3    You can email us questions or comments at carolinacatchronicles@gmail.com and find all the latest Panthers news on carolinacatchronicles.com

C3 Carolina Panthers Podcast: Funchacide or Fool's Gold (Ep. 15.15)

Special Guest: Detroit Free Press's Mark Snyder

The Draft has settled in and rookie mini-camps have opened.  Join the Crew as they focus on Carolina's second round draft pick, Devin Funchess, discussing if the upside negates a marginal college career.  The C3 Crew reached out to Detroit Free Press's Mark Snyder for the inside scoop on the potential risks and rewards associated with Funchess.  They guys won't stop there, as they plunge into rookie mini-camps and look for the undrafted gems.

C3 Carolina Panthers Podcast: Draft Grades and Taggin Fannies (Ep. 15.14)

Join Crew as they be "taggin fannies" while breaking down the Carolina Panthers 2015 NFL Draft.  The Crew will look closely at each selection, analyze the trades made to get Devin Funchess and Daryl Williams, assess our draft grades, and gauge Carolina's position in the NFC South in relation to the new additions made by division rivals.

Special Guest: Greg Bell from The New Tribune and Direct of Writing of University of Washington Athletic Department visits with the Crew to talk the Carolina Panthers 1st Round Draft Pick, Shaq Thompson, and to let us know exactly who we got in Football Shaq.

Special Guest: ProFootballSpot, NFC South Editor and Panthers writer, Anthony Ruzzuti gives us his insight into the Panthers overall 2015 draft and the cost of trading up to get Devin Funchess and Daryl Williams.

C3 Carolina Panthers Podcast: Panthers Special Teams Becoming Special (Ep.15.11)

Join the Crew as they dive into Panthers Special teams improvements.  This week the Crew will be joined by Carolina  #Panthers   cornerback and special teams ace, Teddy Williams, to discuss the future of the Panthers and the dedicated turn around to the Panthers teams play.

Special Guest: Carolina Panthers defensive back, Teddy Williams

C3 Carolina Panthers Podcast: Big Game, Pro Days, and Teams Specialists (Ep. 15.9)

The Crew reacts to the latest Carolina Panthers news, defends Graham Gano's family against fan outrage, gives exclusive insight into draft prospect and Backyard Baller and Justin Hardy, and discusses the most recent additions of special teams aces.  Also we'll debate the meaning of a Special Teams Specialists, seeing if this is a compliment or a slight.