Crabs In A Bucket (C3 Carolina Panthers Podcast Ep. 17.50)

The wicked witches of the NFC South are dead! They fell in epic fashion, and we are here to celebrate their failures as they join the crabs in the bucket. These crabs aren't stolen either. 





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Dreams Savaged By Kansas City Chiefs (C3 Carolina Panthers Podcast Ep. 16.41)

Joe and Mel are on assignment, so we brought in some heavy hitters, @PantherNasty aka Chocolate Wonderland and Tripp Morgan to help work through another 3-point, last second, brutal loss. We'll look to Thursday night's game against the Saints and ask if the Panthers have what it takes to snatch some pride back.

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Saints, Sinners, And Carolina Winners (C3 Carolina Panthers Podcast Ep. 16.6)

Join the Crew as they continue to break down the Panthers roster and acquisitions throughout free agency.  The Crew continues to look around the NFC South, eyeing the competition and rating their success and mostly failures.  

Special Guest: Pro Football Spot Saints writer, Sean Williams

OH NO, Carolina Is 12 0.... Go Go, Godzilla (C3 Carolina Panthers Podcast Ep 15.45)

Join the Crew as they celebrate the win of the New Orleans Saints to advance 12-0.  The Panthers take on another divisional opponent this week with the most hated Atlanta Falcons. We'll break down this past week's game and talk about how we can break down the broken winged Falcons next.

Breaking Bones, Breaking Records, & Breaking Narratives (C3 Carolina Panthers Podcast: Ep 15.44)

The Crew is thankful for Thanksgiving wins, celebrates Advent Carolina style, talks coaching possible coaching departures, the signing of Cortland Finnegan, and being the worst undefeated team in decades.  Looking to the Saints, and celebrating the season!