Oakland Raiders

In Charles Woodson’s last home game. the Raiders were able to pick up an overtime win against a divisional foe in the San Diego Chargers. Woodson flashed back to his glory days at Michigan by receiving snaps on offense, albeit his lone carry went for negative yardage. This week Oakland looks to spoil Kansas City’s chance at the division title.


Buffalo Bills 

The Bills are out of playoff contention and Rex Ryan has been very open on his problems with the team and how he regrets saying they would even make the playoffs this year.  But rest assured that the owners of the Bills are saying he will be back for the start of next season.  He needs to bring in players that match his system or he won't be back.


Chicago Bears

This team lost to the Bucs and Alshon Jeffery is hurt.  Look for Foxy to have this team bouncing back next year.  But not this year.


Houston Texans

When Brandon Wheeden is winning games for you then you know the chips are falling your way. They have the division locked up.  Pretty crazy that a division winner is ranked 20th in the Power Rankings, but that is the AFC South this year.  


Atlanta Falcons 

The Falcons had their least likely victory of the season this week, defeating the Carolina Panthers 20-13.  It’s not really the shocker it’s being made out to be - anything can happen in divisional games and that second time around was the charm. The Dirty birds wind up facing the Saints this week in the finale in Atlanta.   And unfortunately, they are the 1 in 14-1.  But they will be sitting home after this week.


 Indianapolis Colts

With the announcement that Andrew Luck is done for the year the Colts officially packed the tent up and began the process of finger pointing. Chuck Pagano is most likely done, but will Ryan Grigson and Andrew Luck be back?


San Diego Chargers 

After building an early lead, the Chargers then saw it dissipate and eventually disappear. it has been a forgettable year for the Chargers as they are poised for a high draft pick. Can they end it on a high note and play spoiler to Denver? We will see this Sunday. 


Dallas Cowgirls

The Cowboys lost to the Bills and now Dez Bryant is having surgery.  This is the team that has perennial high hopes and perennially disappoints.  Will Jason Garrett be back?  Will they address their long term QB situation?  If I"m Jerry, I'm drafting someone like Dak Prescott out of Mississippi State.