Saint Louis Rams

Just when you think you have the Rams figured out they go and beat the Seahawks. Solid performance defensively and running the ball they'll get a opportunity to end the on a winning note if they can beat the Niners.  One great thing about the Rams (LA Rams??) is Todd Gurley.  That guy is amazing.


Miami Dolphins

 There is nothing more to report on this season for the Dolphins.  They have turned to the search for a new head coach and are starting to look the way of Chip "the rip off" Kelly.  Not only does this team needs a defensive coach and capitalize on the power they have there, but I don’t feel Chips high-tempo Offense will suit rRan Tannihill (who seems to get confused now let alone playing 4 times faster). 


Philadelphia Eagles

An embarrassing loss to the Skins was enough to end the Chip Kelly reign of  terror in Philly.  Wouldn't you like to hang out with Shady and DJAX to hear their thoughts on this.  One problem, the likely replacement is Sean McDermott.


San Francisco 49ers

Another big loss this time to the Lions. With so much money in cap this coming offseason I'm expecting major changes. If they don't play well vs the Rams this next game players might not be the only change this team will have.


Jacksonville Jaguars 

The Jags continue to slosh out the season. This team is always a year away from being a year away.


Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens took it to the Steelers and won a game that the Steelers needed to get to the playoffs. Ryan Mallet threw for a career high 274 yards and the defense produced two INT’S and three sacks to win the game. If the Steelers dont make the playoff last week’s game will be a big reason that it didn’t happen.


Tennessee Titans

The Titans began the finger pointing process sooner than most when they fired Ken Whisenhunt. The quest for a new coach and more talent to go around Mariota begins now.  We are looking forward to seeing what this team can do with a healthy Mariotta and a new coach next year.   Could Chip Kelly come to town to re-unite with Super Mario?  HMM.  Titan fans hope not.


Cleveland Browns

The Browns lost a close game to the Chiefs  because Johnny Manziel ran out of time to finish his comeback. The Browns will have the chance to spoil the Steelers playoff hopes with a victory. That would be one of the few highlights of the season.