Carolina parts ways with Thomas Davis, but he says he's not done!

Carolina parts ways with Thomas Davis, but he says he's not done!

Thomas Davis was a star on the field, but he was a bigger star among Panther Fans. After successfully returning from three ACL injuries to become a leader in the locker room and a dominant force on the field, the Panthers informed Thomas Davis that they their 2019 plan didn’t include the aging linebacker. Davis broke the news in a heart-felt Twitter video where he thanked the Panthers organization and lauded Panther fans for their support throughout his 14-year career in Carolina.

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5 Players Not Named Taylor Heinicke Carolina Should Be Evaluating Closely

5 Players Not Named Taylor Heinicke Carolina Should Be Evaluating Closely

Carolina needs to know what they have on this roster, who they need to keep, and who to part ways with. With all eyes are looking at Taylor Heinicke in his first NFL start to see if he could be a viable long-term backup, here are five other players that Carolina should be closely evaluating in the next two weeks.

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C3 Fantasy Football Challenge Update

Check your email for details on how we got to this point! A road of success for 12 teams was complicated by the disaster of me thinking the playoffs started in Week 12 rather than Week 13.

Here is the bracket that should have been the Wild Card Round starting this past weekend and the results of the match-ups.


Team CatAttack vs Graham Gano-Good

Graham Gano-good.png

Newto’s 1st Law vs DaBeastly Kuechly’s

Newton's 1st Law.png
DaBeastly Kuechly's.png

Hide and Zeke vs Less Talk Moore Yaction

Hide and Zeke.png
Less Talk Moore Yaction.png

Cruising the Rivera vs Vegas Panther

Cruising the Rivera.png
Vegas Panthers.png

Initial Bracket Seeding


1 Roaring Renegade 10-2  108.8

2. Team Catattack 9-3    87.5 Team Catattack vs Graham Gano Good

3 Graham Gano Good 8-4  84.9


1 Blame the Refs  (10-2)

2 Newton’s 1st Law (8-4)  94.2

3  DaBeastly Kuechly’s (9-3) 160


1 Rotting Pumpkins 10-2

2 Cruising the Rivera 9-3   1696

3  Less Talk Moore Yac-tion 7-5


1 Team MacNewton 12-0

2 Hide and Zeke 9-3  128.4 1774

3 Vegas Panthers 9-3  90.6

Panthers are Free Falling and Fans aren't Handing Out Parachutes [video]

C3 Panthers Podcast Ep. 18.43 After a 6-2 start, the Carolina Panthers free-fall continues with their third consecutive loss. The Crew is going to chop it up and figure out if the Panthers can pull out of this free-fall and who will be among the survivors of the crash.

You should check out the audio version podcast if you’re on the go!

Frustration Mounts as Carolina Suffers Third Straight Loss

Frustration Mounts as Carolina Suffers Third Straight Loss

It was a tough loss for Carolina that not only threatens their ability to secure a Wild Card spot in the playoffs, but it also threatens the security of a lot of players and coaches moving forward--and Ron Rivera is certainly one of them. There’s trouble in Carolina and frustration is mounting, leaving fans hoping that the team can stick together to find some late-season momentum but also realistically expecting distinct moves by this coaching staff to save face in

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Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers Post Game

Join us right after the Seahawks at Panthers game for instant fan reactions. Call in at 252-228-5098 Be a part of the live show via the Shindig at or using your Chrome browser Subscribe: You can support the show and grow Panther Nation by donating to our Patreon account.

C3 Fantasy Football Wildcard Round!

In a blink of an eye, the fantasy football season has already passed. I’ve fumbled the ball on weekly or even bi-weekly communication. Please forgive me. I used to have some help with this, but I’ve been on my own this season. If anyone would like to help with this next year, let me know. We could have a community communication system to keep up everyone best informed.

Playoff Update:

Remember since we have a 12-team playoff with a 1st round bye for division winners and need to have the championship game in Week 15 before starters are being sat, the playoffs start in Week 12. Three teams from each division advance. The two best records from each sub-division (east/west) and a wild card, the team with the next best record with highest points being the tie-breaker.

Mills Division Champ: Roaring Renegade (9-2)

Minter Division Champ: Blame the Refs (9-2)

Muhammad Division Champ: Cruising the Rivera (9-2)

Rucker Division Champ: Team MacNewton (11-0) WoW!!!!


C3 Mills 18 Playoffs.png
C3 Minter 18 Playoffs.png
C3 Muhammad 18 Playoffs.png
C3 Muhammad Wild Card.png

Wildcard Matchups:

Team Catattack vs Graham Gano-Good

Gano-good Mills Wildcard.png

Newton’s 1st Law vs Da Beastly Kuechly’s

Newton's 1st Law.png
Minter Wildcard DaBeastly's.png

Rotting Pumpkins vs Carolina Sex Panthers

Rotting Pumpkins Muhammad.png

Vegas Panthers vs Hide and Zeke

Vegas Panther Rucker.png
Hide and Zeke Rucker Wildcard.png

Panthers Sink Bucs and Face the Pittsburgh Steelers in Prime Time

C3 Panthers Podcast Ep. 18.40

Join the Crew as they dissect the win over the Bucs and look ahead to the Pittsburgh Steelers. We'll preview Panthers at Steelers with Tony Serino from the Locked on Steelers Podcast.  All that plus your Cat Calls and more!

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Guest Tony Serino: @SteelersCountry

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