On the Line: Carolina at Philadelphia

C3 On the Line series bets the Carolina Panthers line and discusses the stakes of the game in the context of the Panthers season. CarolinaCatChronicles.com On the Line is not betting advice, but a means for football discussion.

Carolina Panthers at Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles -7 (48 O/U)

Much really hasn’t gone well for the Panthers over the past month.  The Panthers once again found themselves licking their wounds after a disappointing Prime Time loss to the New Orleans Saints on Thursday Night Football.  The Panthers face another tough Prime Time challenge on Monday Night Football when they travel to Philadelphia to face the 6-2 Eagles. Here’s a look at what’s On the Line for the Carolina Panthers.

All Bets Are In:

Professor's Bet: Panthers -7 (Taking the Under)

The NFC South has been a mess this season. No team, including the Panthers, seems to have wanted to win the division.  It’s really been a story of who loses least, making it clear that no wild card team will emerge from the South.  The division champion will be the only team attending the playoff ball.  New Orleans’ fumbling loss to the 49ers, however, gives Carolina continued life. Beating the Eagles would return Carolina to divisional leader and go a long way towards getting that dance invite. The stakes are high, and Carolina won’t be looking to keep it close—they will be looking to win. I’m not sure they can pull out this one, but they will keep it close even if they don’t win.  Eagles 24-23

Commish's Bet: Eagles -7 (Taking the Under)

I echo what the esteemed Professor above says about the NFC south. Where we differ is in the outcome of this contest. The Panthers are on the road and Philadelphia has the most opportunistic defense in the NFL. With the offensive woes the Panthers have had, I see that trend continuing Monday night. It’s not that the Eagles are SO much better than Carolina; they just make the most out of bad plays by the other team. I don’t see Carolina making enough plays to offset that, especially on the road. The one exception is if Nick Foles’ backup, Mark “Butt Fumble” Sanchez, pulls four or five horrific plays out of his…..anyway, he’s playing better than he did with the Jets, and has much more talent around him than he ever did in New York. If the Panthers can’t shut down the run, it’s going to be an even longer night. Eagles 27-13

Mel Mayock: Panthers -7 (staying away from over/under and predicting push)

The Eagles lost their QB in Nick Foles and Defensive QB in Ryans.  So if they were ever vulnerable it is now.  The reality is this game is going to come down to who has the most comfortable QB.  If Sanchize is comfortable and we don’t get pressure on him, he will look good and we will lose.  If Cam is comfortable and plays like he did against Cincinnati, we will win.  So come on Offensive Line:  Ice Up Son!  My head tells me me we lose, but I’m going with my heart on this one.  I have a feeling and I hope it ain’t just heartburn.  Panthers 31- 17