C3 Up, Three Down

Three Things the Carolina Panthers Did Well

As a child, I would play outside all day and my mother always wanted me to be home before dark. The Carolina Panthers Owner, Jerry Richardson might be calling the NFL to make sure that the Panthers won’t play in anymore night games. Bad things happen when it’s dark out, and there is plenty of evidence for that. The Panthers lost 45-21 to the Philadelphia Eagles, and it is not easy to think of any positives as a fan or writer.

What three things did the Carolina Panthers do well week against the Philadelphia Eagles?

  1. Run Stopping – The Carolina Panthers defense held the Eagles to only 37 rushing yards. The Eagles star running back; LeSean McCoy was shutdown and only rushed for 19 yards, averaging 1.6 yards per carry. The Eagles only had 18 total rushing attempts and were forced to go away from their ground game. This was a big positive for the Panthers, we should be proud that our team was able to stop the dominant Eagles rushing attack.

  2. Total Plays- The Eagles average the most plays on offense in the NFL, with 71.2. Can you believe that the Carolina Panthers actually ran more plays than the Eagles on offense? The Panthers ran 81 plays and the Eagles “only” ran 62. I am looking at this as a positive because from a statistical standpoint we were able to somewhat “slow down” the Eagles offense.

  3. Greg Olsen – Greg Olsen was shut down by the Seattle Seahawks and New Orleans Saints, but he is finally back! He finished the game with six receptions for 119 yards. Whenever Cam Newton was in trouble he would look to the ever reliable Greg Olsen for help. Newton and Olsen hooked up for a nice third down completion and some successful tight end seams. Olsen is quietly becoming one of the elite tight ends in the NFL.

By Justin Raymond

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Three Things the Carolina Panthers did Poorly

It seems every week Carolina hits a new low point in the season. Well I think Monday night was rock bottom. I sure hope it was because I don’t know if I can take a worse loss than that. The Eagles really pounded the Panthers and ironically enough they decided to “keep pounding”. The defense was swarming. Cam Newton had no where to run courtesy of his “Alpine Lace” offensive line. 

Think about this; we pay people to evaluate talent. At least one of those evaluators thought these two offensive tackles were good enough to protect the player we supposedly want to build our franchise around. I think we need to re evaluate our evaluators. Nevertheless here are my three down.

  1. Offensive Line- Enough said. Move along nothing new to see here.

  2. Wide Receivers- I don’t think I can really blame them for too much. They are just not that physically gifted. Failure to get separation and not catching the ball cleanly before going out of bounds just make this ofp

  3. Secondary- The Panthers Secondary did a great job of making Sanchez look like the 2nd coming of Joe Montana and Jordan Matthews look like Jerry Rice. The lone exception is Josh Norman. He really has come on to play well the past few weeks.

This Carolina team is bad. They are talented but lack talent in intrical places. This is the responsibility of Dave Gettleman. Speaking of, has anyone seen or heard from Gettleman? Why is he in hiding? Is he scared to face the music? He certainly does have some explaining to do.

By Joe Riollano

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