Don't Ever Forget Matt Ryan's Send-off Message (Why We Call Him Meg)

Football is a game of passion.  Passion is a dangerous thing but it also is one heck of a motivator.  And one thing that is lacking from the 2014 is passion.  The Kraken had it.  Steve Smith had it.  Mike Mitchell had it.  Cam Newton had it.  Thomas Davis has it.  Thomas Davis is the only one that has shown me any passion.  We must get it back, or this Draft Analyst will be looking at Top 5 Picks in May.  I want to research the 32nd Pick.

Passion is infectious and contagious.  I challenge ever Panther Player and ever Panther Fan to watch this video and ask yourself if you want to see this guy yelling anything similar at us on our field come Sunday.  If they blow us out on Sunday, you can bet he will.

Panther Nation, turn up.  It starts with you.  Get passionate.    I hate this team.  We hate this team.  Hopefully that's just a form of passion, one that will need to turn up Sunday.

Watch this and tell me your thoughts.