A Look At The NFC South Playoff Picture

Current Standings:

The NFC South Picture

With just six weeks remaining, and with the division leader two games under 500, (unbelievably) any of the four teams can still win. Three teams still control their own destiny. Win more remaining games than the other NFC opponents and you are in the big dance.

Each team plays at least two more divisional games. The Panthers are the only team with only five total games remaining (three on the road and two at home). Atlanta gets four of their six games at home, while New Orleans and Tampa have three on the road and three at home. Both Carolina and New Orleans have three divisional games remaining, while Tampa and Atlanta have two a piece.

Statistically, the Panthers have the easiest road and IF they take care of business and beat their NFC South Foes, they will repeat as NFC South Champs. Admittedly, that is a tall order for a team that has yet to put it all together.

What the Panthers do have going for them is the bye week after 15 straight weeks of football. Heal up, and they can make up some ground quickly. But if you are a Panther fan (and I imagine you are) you need to be intently watching next week and pull for the Browns and the Ravens. These last six weeks are going to be wild. My prediction is New Orleans wins the Division in the last week of the season with an 8-8 record. Hope I’m wrong and I say the Panthers have a 45% shot.

Rest of the NFC

Let’s face it, there will be no NFC South team in the playoffs as a Wild Card. Arizona is the class of the NFC at 9-1 and Green Bay is the one team I would not want to play in the Playoffs. According to NFL.com, below is the NFC playoff picture as of now. And my predictions for the top six are Arizona, Green Bay, Dallas, New Orleans, San Francisco and Philly. (No Seattle)

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