Carolina Panthers: 8 Reasons To Be Thankful This Season

Who is ready for Thanksgiving? You get to eat some turkey and watch some football! But before you can do that, you have to go around the table and say what you are thankful for. You might be thankful for a lot of things, but you might forget to mention your favorite team. Carolina Panther fans might not even mention the Panthers at the dinner table. But, I am here to tell you that you should be thankful for the Panthers. This year has been tough, but there are still some positives to be thankful about. So, what should Panther fans be thankful for this season?

1.       NFC South Title Race – I am thankful for still having an opportunity to repeat as NFC South Champions! The Carolina Panthers are currently 3-7-1 and in third place in the NFC South. But, they are not out of the title race because the division leader Falcons sit at 4-7. Even though the Panthers are having a rough year, they still have a chance to the win the division and get into the playoffs.

2.       Kelvin Benjamin – I am thankful for this first round pick! The Panthers drafted Benjamin in the first round of the 2014 NFL draft. Benjamin is one of the best rookie wide receivers in the NFL and has lots of potential. He currently has 768 yards and has scored eight touchdowns. Cam Newton and Kelvin Benjamin have chemistry and it looks like they will be a deadly combination for years to come. Did I mention that Benjamin is bigger than Megatron?

3.       Luke Kuechly – I am thankful for Luke giving the Panthers a chance to win some games! Kuechly is the best linebacker in the NFL, and he might be the best defensive player in the NFL. He has the awards to prove it! He leads the Panthers and the NFL in tackles with 116. He has a high football IQ and is the quarterback on defense.

4.       Superman’s Health – I am thankful for Cam Newton still being able to start!  Since 2011, Cam Newton has been hit and sacked more times than any other quarterback. He has been hit or sacked a total of 467 times. Even though the Panthers offensive line is the worst in the NFL, Newton continues to come to battle every Sunday. Newton’s play style and size allows him to remain “healthy” and start for the Panthers.

5.       Greg Olsen – I am thankful for the Chicago Bears trading Greg Olsen to the Carolina Panthers. Olsen is one of the best tight ends in the NFL and continues to be one of Newton’s most reliable options. Olsen has 719 receiving yards and five touchdowns.

6.       Thomas Davis – I am thankful for Davis’ determination and health! Davis is a bulldog on defense and is the other linebacker and reliable option on the Panthers defense. Thomas Davis had three consecutive ACL injuries and is still able to play at a high level.

7.       Mario Addison – I am thankful for Hardy’s backup! It is hard to replace a player like the “The Kraken,” but Mario Addison has done a good job filling in. Addison currently leads the Panthers with five sacks and currently seems to be the only positive on the defensive line.

8.       Stadium Renovations- I am thankful for the 220 x 58 ft TV boards! Bank of America Stadium was renovated in the offseason. The stadium is a lot more interactive, with huge video boards and ribbon boards. There are also escalators so you don’t have to walk up the huge ramps to get to your seats.

What are you thankful for this season? Did I miss anything? Have a great Thanksgiving!

By Justin Raymond

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