Next College Coach to Turn Pro

In recent years, we have seen college coaches come into the NFL and make a splash! Could Carolina be the next team? Is there another guy who's ready?

YES!! Look southwest to Texas! Sorry Aggies fans, were calling for your head coach—Kevin Sumlin!  NFL coaches are mimicking this “offensive mastermind’s plays already, why wouldn’t it work in Carolina? It’s a little surprising no one hasn’t looked at him yet! He knows how to use a running QB, look at Johnny football; he knows how to use a big WR, look at Mike Evens! But most importantly, he’s proven very good at developing young tackles.

Luke Jockle and Jake Matthews were both top 10 draft picks! Now he has one more waiting and ready to get his hands on some NFL defenders, Cedric Ogbuehi.  He looks to be the third generation of top level draft prospects coming out of Texas A&M! It wouldn’t be far-fetched to see Ogbuehi land in Carolina also.

Take away these big talents, and you still have a great football mind, who is considered to be one of the more well respected coaches in college football! He looks the part of being the next college head coach to go pro and make a splash. Let's not let this one slip through!

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