Building a Dynamic Panthers Offense Through the Draft

It's time Panthers fan! It's time that we become the offensive super team we should be! We have a good base in Cam Newton and Kelvin Benjamin, but we need more. If Dave Gettleman gave me our top 3 draft picks, I can change that, and I would.

Now a little bit on me. I consider myself to be a draft expert. All my friends think I have no life because I know all these players well, so I think I'm good to do this. I’ve watched the tape. I’ve tried to think of who would fit well on this squad, and most importantly, I’ve thought more offense!

PICK 1.Brandon Scherfff (OT) Iowa- This kid is big and strong! Ripping defenders down the field with one hand, churning his legs to always get the upper hand, this guy can open lanes and protect Carolina’s most valuable asset—Cam Newton. He deadlifts over 500 pounds and military presses over 400. This kid (if you can call a guy who is near superhuman strong a kid) may be the strongest tackle in college football. He is also very athletic with good footwork. His one knock is his quickness, but hey, you can't have it all. He can latch on to defenders and negate a pass-rusher’s favorite moves. He is so big, you can’t throw swim move, and so strong, you can't bull rush him. Now I want this pick, whether we grab a LT in free agency or not. Our line needs help, so let's take this humongous human early and beef it up! Let's let Cam stay on his very dangerous feet!

PICK 2. Melvin Gordon* (RB) Wisconsin-* He's fast, real fast. He is 100% the perfect back for our 3 back set. He's not the best between the tackles runner, but with this kid, good luck trying to stop him! With our bigger backs running up the gut, this guy can be huge on the draw and or a guy that you use on sweeps and outside runs, something we are missing so badly now that D-Will is slowing down! Flash Gordon would give Carolina speed at the RB position and allow for some creative plays! #fireshula

PICK 3.*Sammie Coates*(WR) Auburn- Panthers fans are salivating at the idea of grabbing a guy who has been dubbed “country strong.” That's right, in Round 3, I grab Sammie Coates!! Wanna know why? At 6’2 210 pounds, this kid runs 4.34! He’s already bigger and faster than the average NFL DB, but this kid reps over 400 lbs on the bench-press! Good luck jamming him at the line! HA! His big knock is that he doesn’t run routes all that well. Does it matter if he runs just a slant and a 9? He’s is a huge home run threat, and finally could be a receiver to take full advantage of Cam’s superhuman arm.

With Olson at TE, Benjamin and Coates punishing the outside, and better line and a big play RB, this team will be a nightmare for defensive coordinators for years to come. All draft positions are very appropriate, even to the point where I might be reaching for some, but when you see the guy who you know will change your team, you grab them!

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