Is Cam On God's Fantasy Team??

I am a Christian.  However, I must say that many times my fellow Christians can be way yonder (as we say in the South) too uptight about comments like this.  After hearing the comment, I was waiting to see folks calling this blasphemy or at least cocky for him to say at his press conference that he must be on God's Fantasy Team after surviving that crash.  He was absolutely joking, yet (as expected) tweets like the one below started flying:


Unlike BBB Printing and dozens of others, I found his comment amusing and was glad to see him relax and say something like this.  From what I know, Cam is a Christian too, as his father is a pastor.  Let me tell you that God does have a sense of humor, I figured that one out a long time ago.  But at the end of the day, his underlying point is very appropriate.  He was joking all while making the point that he is lucky to be alive and that he believes God has a plan for him.  I do doubt he's on God's Fantasy Team.  At least not after the season the Panthers have had.  But I bet he is on His team next season as Cam makes a full return after healing up this upcoming off-season.

I said in a previous article that I believe Cam will end up being better for this accident.  I bet football and life will be even more precious to him.  I came very close to death at one point in my life and I know how that puts things into a proper perspective.  See this tweet and see that he realizes just how lucky he is:

I'm not sure when he'll be back, but I do believe when he does, he will value the opportunity even more than he did before.  As my buddy Joe "The Freakin Puerto Rican" Riollano told me once: "There is no testimony without a test."

Panther fans 2014 is our test and our testimony is coming.  Will it be that we repeat as NFC South Champions this year?  And maybe beat the Cowboys in the first round of the playoffs?  Stay tuned.


Mel Mayock