What's Your Opinion Of The Bucs??

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The Panthers opened the season in Tampa with a 20-14 victory while starting Derek Anderson at QB.  The thought back then was that both teams would be pretty good this year.  The Bucs looked to have a talented roster with two huge and fast WRs in Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson.  And with Lovie Smith coming in, the thought was they were to going to take a big step forward.   And while the expectation was the Panthers were going to pick up where we left off in 2013, that has not happened.  But guess what, we could still repeat.  Anderson threw for 230 yards and DeAngelo rushed for 73, while our Rookie sensation hauled in 92 yards receiving.  OK, so Benjamin has cooled off a bit, but I still love him and he is vital to our Offense.

Nearly four months later it turns out that neither team lived up to expectations.  The Bucs are struggling at 2-11.  However, they did go on the road and beat the Steelers and have been tough in several games.  So what do you think of the Bucs?  Are they dangerous and not to be taken lightly, or are we are you very confident we'll roll over them?  I'm somewhere in between but want to hear your thoughts.