Why Do Some Folks HATE Cam? Help Me Understand

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I just plain don't get it.  Help me out.  Why is there a contingency of folks that HATE Cam.  I try to see someone else's side of an argument and see what others see.  So I've tried to figure this out.  I mean there are actually people that are happy he was in a car wreck.  Really peeps?  I wouldn't even want that for Tom Brady.  So why in the world would so-called Panther fans want him to miss games?  Is it because is he is Goliath and everyone loves David?  Is it because he celebrates as Super Man?  Even if that is the case, I could only understand that from non-Panther fans.  Why is there a certain number of you that don't like him period?  Is it racist?  Is it people not liking someone that can be perceived as cocky?  I just don't get it.  The guy loves the game, does good things in the community and is not a big party guy.  So what's not to like?

Recently we let a Cam Hater speak his mind and his article is here: .  But his production is better than any QB we've ever had, and brings excitement that we've never had; yet folks revert to calling hi "Sham Newton."  Tell me your thoughts on this Panther Nation.  Help me out.  Leave your comment below.  I will respond.