The Free Agency Fix

Carolina can’t fix everything through the draft alone! So let's take a look at my top candidates in free agency for our top four positions of need! 

Offensive Tackle

I don't need to tell anyone why this position of need! Everyone knows Double B has been a liability and Nate Chandler stinks, so put both sides on the list.

Brian Bulaga (25)- with 4 years at RT on one of the best lines in football, Green Bay, Carolina could look to move him to LT. I think the transition would be problematic, it certainly can’t be any worse than moving Byron Bell from the right to the left. Bulaga is a great pass protector and a really good run blocker! He instantly adds experience to our very bad line, and he is young enough to be a long-term addition. 

Wide Receiver

We have power. We have height. We have a #1! God help us if we don’t add some speed to the mix. Carolina desperately needs a take the top off the defense type of guy.  The type of guy that even Super Cam has trouble overthrowing. 

Torrey Smith (25)- He’s fast and has hands! He knows routes and runs them well! He really is the perfect compliment outside WR to KB. Smith would work well with us because he can run deep draws and max out Cam’s arm. Look at all the good he has done for Flacco, who's mostly throwing to Smith when going down-field. Smith could be the new deep threat in Carolina!  


Now I love our two young corners, Josh Norman and Bené Benwikere, but we need more. Bené should stay in the slot, espcially with slot receivers becoming a more utilized offensive weapon. So another guy on the outside would really help. In walks….

Walter Thurmond (27)- a significant part of the LOB, he took a one-year test contact with the Giants but ended up injured, so his price may have dropped! Carolina has emergent talent at the position, so why not take the risk because he special when healthy. He’s who can change our outside CB defense, rotate time at nickel-back, and just plain lock guys down! He played well for the Seahawks, but he wants to be more of a press guy.  I say, let’s press and take the risk! You have to gamble a little to win.

Strong Safety

I like Boston at FS, but hate Roman “old bones” Harper at SS.  Free agency is a way to improve here without betting the farm in the draft.

Brandon Merriweather (30)- a hard hitting smash- mouth football player, who makes guys afraid to test him! He’s kind of like the SS version of Thomas Davis, who converted from the position originally. He is not the youngest, but he can still play, and play he will. We can use a guy that hits like a ton of bricks, rather than a guy who runs like he's holding them! 

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