Cason Closed: Panthers Evaluating for Next Season

On Monday, Ron Rivera stated, “Everyone is evaluated.  I get evaluated; players get evaluated…I ain’t quitting on this guys. Like I said, we’ve got four weeks to go.” Ron Rivera may not be quitting, and it’s not ensured he will be back next year either, but it does look as if the Panthers are moving on to next season.


Today, Carolina cut cornerback Antoine Cason.  He hasn’t played well this season, so it’s not like seeing Cason go will keep Panther fans up at night.  The Panthers have struggled in the secondary, and as of late, Cason has been downright terrible.  All season, Cason has been preyed upon by opposing quarterbacks because of the exorbitant cushion he gives to wide receivers.  If it is third and six, you can be sure Cason was lining up ten yards deep.  It infuriated Panthers fans, and the coaching staff today finally decided to part ways with the struggling corner.  The move indicatives, however, Carolina’s priorities going forward.  The team isn’t good, nor particularly deep, in the secondary, so letting Cason go suggests that Rivera will be using these last four weeks for talent evaluation.

Following the cut, Carolina activated undrafted rookie Carrington Byndom (CB) to replace Cason.  Rivera likely wants to see Byndom, who had a solid college career at the University of Texas, in game situations to gauge his development and determine the type of role, if any, he could play in next year.

It looks a like the Panthers 2014 Cason is closed.

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