Kid in Santa Hat Tries to Steal Cam Newton Football

For all the flash that causes some people to dislike Cam, the bigger than life smile, the celebrations, there are moments that endear him to everyone.  His ritual of giving a touchdown football to a kid in the stands is probably the best.  Everyone loves it, even Jerry Richardson, who supposedly instructed Cam to continue the celebration ritual despite fines that would be administered by the NFL for giving away game balls.

I've taken my kids to Fan Fest, and admittedly bribed them with gifts to work extra hard to get that Cam Newton autograph.  It's certainly the prize signature.  I've seen how rough it gets as people battle for the players' attention.  It's understandable, and for the most part, it's pretty good-hearted.  People are packed like sardines and muscling to position themselves in hopes of getting a star's signature.  It's competitive, but there is an understanding that everyone is kind of in it together.  Everyone can't be happy, but you hope that it works out in your favor. 

Cam Newton in typical fashion gave away a game ball after registering the Panthers first touchdown of the day.  As he went to give the game ball away, one kid in particular, tried to grab the ball away from the child Cam was handing the ball to.  Ironically, the kid who was working hard to muscle in and snatch the ball from the little boy was in a Santa Clause hat, clearly because 'tis the season for giving. 

These moments unfortunately bring out the best and the worst of people.  I hope the little boy with the toboggan was able to keep the ball.  I know if that was my kid, there would be some words exchanged with the boys parents if he didn't.  Hopefully, these parents saw this clearly enough and will use this as an opportunity to teach the meaning of Christmas with lessons of fairness, compassion, and generosity.  The good news is that if the little boy did lose the football and Cam Newton gets word of it, he may actually get hooked up with more.