What Are Your Keys to Beating AZ??

Grab the mic Panther fans and let the nation know!  Open Mic is an open discussion thread. Just drop a comment in the comments section below. Respond to other fans, and as always #KeepPounding.

So the Red-birds are coming to town.  Don't be fooled, they are good.  Even with their third string QB and RB, they are 11-5 and in the NFC West.  Their Defense is stout and they are extremely well coached.  C3 will put out a scouting report later this week on Arizona.  But  today, I'm interested to hear what you think are the keys to winning this game. (don't say score more points please :))

Put your thoughts in the comments and we'll tweet them out throughout the day.  Do you guys think we will pull this one out?  And what are the keys to getting it done?  


Keep Pounding