Panthers Hater, Marc James, Makes Panthers Win Even More Satisfying

Marc James, former Charlotte radio host who packed his bags in the middle of the night to go to the larger Atlanta radio market, looks to have lost a bet.  James closed out 2014 by begrudgingly appearing in Midtown Atlanta rocking a Cam Newton jersey holding a "Cam Newton Is My Hero" sign.   

James's clandestine departure from Charlotte radio and continued scorn for the Panthers and their fans matches his prickly personality.  With a strong radio voice, he can dominate a conversation, often coming across as cocky and arrogant.  He's opinionated for sure.  OK, he's cocky and arrogant, but he's also just kind of a jerk.  

James never liked the Panthers, and there's nothing wrong with that.  Journalists, however are supposed to lean towards objectivity.  They aren't supposed to like any more than they dislike. James isn't a journalist though--he's a shock jock. He has taken every opportunity at his new position to poke Panthers fans, trash the team, and just appear 100% ungrateful for the career opportunity provided by the Charlotte market.  It's a tactic that's worked.  I mean look, I follow him just to witness the spewing vomit, to get a jab in every now and then, and well for this moment here. 

His relationship with Panther fans, however, isn't unique.  He has a history of trashing towns, markets, and shamelessly self-promoting at the detriment of others.  Formerly known as Marc Benarzyk, James ruffled feathers as a radio host in Miami and Tampa before moving to Charlotte.  He's known for emailing and calling into radio shows using pseudonyms, and he's never hesitant to exchange blows with callers or engage in Twitter war.  This is what he does. He wants to be disliked more than liked, and he's good at it. 

So you can imagine the satisfaction I took when seeing this today. I mean really, what a great way to close out 2014. Not only do the Panthers make the playoffs by mugging the Atlanta Falcons in their house, but they also kick this shock jock in the jock on the way out. It's a win win. He's happy because we dislike him.  We're happy because James is miserable, and now we can all have a happy New Year knowing that Atlanta Falcons fans are dining on that crow with this guy.