Beating the Saints is "All About The Benjamin"

The Saints beat the Panthers in Carolina on Oct. 30th by a score of 28-10.  The key to game really was Keenan Lewis showing the rest of the League that to beat the Panthers, you take Kelvin Benjamin out of the game.  Think about this:  Benjamin has 57 receptions thus far this year and 37 of those receptions were for first downs.  That is impressive.  But on 10/30, Benjamin was blanketed by Lewis and double teamed with a Safety.  He was held to only two receptions for 18 yards.  By far his worst game of the season.  As a team we only had 151 yards passing with 109 yards rushing.  Two turnovers were costly too.   Also, it is not a coincidence that Benjamin only caught two passes and we only had 15 first downs in the entire game compared to the Saints' 27.

So Panther fans, if we are to win this game tomorrow, it is going to be "All About The Benjamin."  He has to have at least five catches for 75+ yards.  When Benjamin catches the ball we make first downs.  We need first downs to keep Brees chilling on the sidelines.  Do you think we can do it?  Can Benjamin step up?  One reason I think he can is Philly Brown, who missed the last one, will make a difference.  Leave a comment and your opinion.  I'll answer all posts.


Mel Mayock