A Fan's Take On Cam's Car Wreck And A Flashback to Bobby Phills


Some things are bigger than football.  Okay, a lot of things are bigger than football. Health and class are two that I'd like to touch on.  The overall health of Cam Newton takes precedence over his availability for the rest of the season.   Thinking about how easily his truck could have flipped right off that overpass near BOA is terrifying.  We could be talking about a deceased QB right now.  Flashbacks to the day the beloved Bobby Phills died came running through my mind.  And Cam didn't even do anything wrong as Bobby had done. (In no way am I putting Phills down, but he was being reckless).  I for one thank God that he is going to be okay.  Even if he never plays for us again, thank God he didn't die today.  And I fully anticipate he'll be back and even better in 2015.  And who knows, some reports are that he'd be back should we make the playoffs.

Second, let me talk about class.  First let me talk about someone showing class.  The Atlanta Falcons, a hated foe, stepped up and tweeted their well wishes.  Now we do have to realize that the word "hate" in sports rivalries are not the same as hate in real life.  But as much as I "hate" the Falcons, my hat is off to them for the above tweet, now check out @RiverboatRon's take:

Now for a lack of class:  I don't know if this guy thinks he's funny, but @StartAnderson posting the below tweet was classless and asinine.  Cam is a person, he is someone's son and he is someone's friend.  He does a lot for our community and recently held a charity drive where he sent 800 underprivileged kids home with food for the holidays.  He is a big kid himself and is totally misunderstood by those who don't like him for one bias or another.  But even with all of that said, show some class people.  Even if you don't like a guy, don't post this kind of BS.  It's a free country, yes.  You have a right to say it, but I too have a right to call you out on it.  Show some class Cam haters.

This is my take as a fan of the Panthers and someone that tries to keep things classy.  Let me know how you feel.  And hit me up on twitter @PanthersDrafter.  Leave your comment below.


Mel Mayock