New Year's Resolution For Panther Fans

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Grab the mic Panther fans and let the nation know! Open Mic is an open discussion thread. Just drop a comment in the comments section below. Respond to other fans, and as always #KeepPounding

To me, New Years Day is a time to reflect on the past and to muse about the coming year.  I ate my greens and my black-eyed peas on New Years day as a part of a tradition that lays the foundation for good luck and prosperity.  I also believe resolutions are good for setting goals. Here's mine:  Get in better shape and drink more wine at the same time.  And my resolution for the Panthers is for them to give Jonathan Stewart the ball 20 times a game.  And to shock the world with a Super Bowl victory!

Now that you've had a day to think about it, time to tell Panther Nation what your New Year's resolution is. Both for you personally and for the Panthers.    Leave your resolutions below and we'll tweet them out throughout the day.