C3 On the Line: Panthers vs Seahawks

C3 On the Line series bets the Carolina Panthers line and discusses the stakes of the game in the context of the Panthers season. CarolinaCatChronicles.com On the Line is not betting advice, but a means for football discussion. 

Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers 

Seattle -11 (40 O/U)

Win or go home, it’s the playoffs.  That should be the end of the story, but for Panthers fans, the stakes are higher.  The line is higher than fans think it should be, given the competitiveness of their last three meetings.  Add to this, Cam Newton hasn’t played as well as most think he should.  The media has been all over him, and his moderate success has only added to the narrative that Newton isn’t capable of top quarterback status.   

All Bets Are In:

Professor’s Bet: Panthers +11   (Taking the Under 40) 

I stay away from lines this big.  Carolina has played Seattle tough over the last three matches, all settled by less than a touchdown.  Granted this is on the road, Seattle’s defense is suffocating, and the crowd news is deafening, the Seahawks offense isn’t what you would describe as explosive.  They are a lot like the Panthers in fact —  a team that relies on the defense limiting possessions and the offense grinding the clock down with a power rushing attack.  

Yes, the Seahawks have won six straight, but the Panthers are on a 5 game hot streak as well. I see the Panthers getting a little extra motivation from falling short in their past three meetings.  Stay away from the Seahawks with such large spread and so much on the line. 20-17 Panthers

Commish’s Bet: Panthers +11 (Taking the Under 40)  

Deja-vu all over again….Seahawks-Panthers for what...the 4th time in 3 seasons now? Both teams know each other quite well, although neither really hides much in their respective game-plans. Run the ball, play good defense - try and stop us! That’s both teams and their approach. It has worked well for Seattle and also for Carolina in the last five games as well. The winner will be the team that plays the most sound ball game, and that leans towards the Seahawks both in recent games played overall and in the recent match-ups. But this Panthers team is HOT, folks. I think what it boils down to is how much damage Carolina can do from the Tight End position where the ‘hawks are very weak defending….they’re third-worst in the NFL in defending opponents’ tight ends and Greg Olsen finally got his first (and long-overdue) Pro Bowl nod this season. He’s not the big-play threat that, say, a “Gronk” is, but he has proven over his career that he’s one of the best TEs in the NFL at short to intermediate route-running and receiving. The ‘hawks have no TE answer themselves, and I think Olsen’s going to be the key today. Look for 8 or more receptions, 100+ yards and a TD from our Golden Boy. The Panthers go in completely unintimidated and pull off a narrow upset win.  17-13 Panthers

PanthersDrafter’s Bet: Panthers +11   (Taking the Under 40) 

The last three years the games have been very close and we have lost at the end.  We are better than we were those last three games.  Like last week, our Panthers do have a shot and I am growing more and more confident.  To win this one we must get off to a fast start.  Cam needs to run the ball early and avoid an early momentum swings in the Seahawks favor.   To win, we have to put pressure on Wilson and keep him in the pocket as he has 849 yards rushing this season.  We also must attack their LBs and run plenty of quick slants and screens.  Now if we can get a couple of turnovers while not turning it over we can do this.  As long as we don’t implode on Special Teams, I say we win this one and shock the world.  20-17 Panthers

Freak’n Puerto Rican’s Bet: Panthers +11 (Taking the Under 40)

These teams have played each other so close recently because of how much alike they are. Both teams are run oriented offenses with mobile quarterbacks, and swarming defenses that stuff the run very well and also get after the quarterback. Carolina has been on the short end of the stick in the previous 3 meetings. The Panthers are feeling a bit disrespected as double digit underdogs to a team that they have played so well in recent meetings. Carolina must play a nearly perfect game to get this win. Cam will need to have a big part in today’s game plan, the defense will need to win the turnover battle, and special teams just needs to do their job. If these things happen, we could be in store for an upset. 17-13 Panthers

Big Play Jay Ray Bet:

Panthers -3.0 (Taking the under 40)

The Panthers are the hottest team in the NFL. They won five games in a row and have done it with their rookies, run game, and dominant defense. 

The Seattle Seahawks are also hot, and are playing like champions. There a lot of things going for them this game. They are playing at home, they had a bye week, and their defense is built to matchup with the Panthers.

The Panthers know how to win, and will need to play mistake - free to win this game. I see the Panthers winning this game. It will be a defensive battle, and the Panthers know how to shut down Lynch. The biggest reason the Panthers will win is because of the DB's. The good play of the DB's will allow the front seven to just focus on Lynch, and Wilson. Panthers 20-17