Free Agent LT Or Count On Pick 25?

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So there really are two choices for the Panthers at LT:  Sign a veteran Free Agent this off-season or draft one early this May. There are a few Free Agent Left Tackles but they one I would want is King Dunlap out of San Diego.  Dude is a monster at 6'9 322 lbs.  And he's good too, as he only gave up three sacks in 645 pass plays in 2014.  But, he will cost more that the Dollar Store and do the Panthers want to spend that much on one guy?  I bet he commands $7M or so.  Though good, he's only played one full season without missing time so I don't see the $10M contract.

The other option is to put your trust in a rookie.  The Falcons found out how rough that is as their rookie last year (Jake Matthews) ranked dead last in the league after being picked fifth overall.  That is  the Falcons fifth pick did worse than our Byron Bell.  So do we trust someone at Pick 25?  Like say one of these guys that our writer JP talked about yesterday?  You tell me Panther Nation, King Dunlap or Ereck Flowers?  Your alternative is Byron Bell, so speak up or forever hold your peace.  Leave your thoughts and we'll tweet them out.