So Who Are You Pulling For in the Super Bowl?

Grab the mic Panther fans and let the nation know!  Open Mic is an open discussion thread. Just drop a comment in the comments section below. Respond to other fans, and as always #KeepPounding

This is not the Super Bowl that I was hoping for.  The Defending Champs vs. the team Panther fans hate the most according to a poll we took earlier in the year, the NE Patriots.  That's right, Panther Nation spoke up and said they hate NE more than Atlanta or New Orleans.  But this is still the Super Bowl so I'm going to definitely be watching.  I'm just not hyped about it like I would be with a dog in the fight.  I still think I would pull for the Russians over the Patriots, so I'm pulling for the Seahawks.  But I'm Interested in hearing your thoughts and who you are pulling for on Super Bowl Sunday and why.  Leave your comments and we'll tweet them out.