C3 Tailgate Time: Panther Nation Comes Together Here

Grab the mic Panther fans and let the nation know! Open Mic is an open discussion thread. Just drop a comment in the comments section below.  Respond to other fans, and as always #KeepPounding.

Last week we started a game day tradition here at C3 of sharing tailgating pics. Whether you are at the game, at a bar, or on your couch this is where we all come together.  It seemed to help the team against Atlanta and that game turned out pretty well.  Once you find a tradition that works, you have to roll with it, so we are keeping it rolling.  

Tell us what you are doing for the game, and put up some pics of your food choice and your Panther gear.  I'm out here in Vegas so maybe I'll throw up some pictures from the Strip, or at a Sports Book.  What will you be doing?  We will tweet out the pics throughout the day.  Go Panthers and let's do this!


Mel Mayock