10 Tackles in 21 Days: #9 Tyrus Thompson

C3 is taking a look at 10 Offensive Tackles that the Panthers could end up with on Draft Day. This series will bring you 10 possible Tackles all over the next 21 days.  We will give you some little known information and some tape to check out.  Hopefully you will gain some insight into the prospects and can find a few that you fall in love with and root for.  

Before Draft Day we will also look at WRs, DBs, DTs, TEs and LBs but we start with OTs. Why? Two reasons:  First, our LT ranked second to last in the League according to our friends at www.ProFootballFocus.com.

Yesterday we took a look at Donovan Smith out of Penn State.  The next player I’m putting forward for you to get to know is a big Hog-Mollie out of Oklahoma.

#9     Tyrus Thompson    Oklahoma        6’5    335

Similar size and build to yesterday’s Tackle, Donovan Smith.  Thompson is a three year starter at Left Tackle so he has solid experience.  His father was in the military and he was born in Germany.  Like other Panthers, he is an adult beyond his years.  Moreover, he is married and has two young children.  So he is not the guy out partying all night.  That maturity level tends to help young men focus on their business at hand and could help the young man succeed.

I think the Combine is is going to be huge for this huge man.  He’s going to have to show that he can move and bend well.  If he can do that, he will rise up draft boards.  The tweet below shows he knows this too:

This young man is straight up big and strong.  I like how he mirrors his opponent and squares his shoulders well.  He has above average feet and can slide well.  He is so big that he will not be the fastest guy getting to the next level and he will have trouble against the fastest speed rushers.  However, I really like his size and how he will clear his opponent.  Like Donovan, he most likely projects to be a Right Tackle and some see him moving inside to the Guard spot. That is possible, but I could see him on the right side of the Panthers line and if so, look for our Running backs to average an extra half a yard per carry next season.  Take a look below at some film on Thompson.  Leave a comment below as to whether you would like him on our team.