Should Panthers Pay Cam, Luke & Greg this Summer?

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Interesting article yesterday by Joe Person in the Charlotte Observer and it got me thinking about who and when who should get paid.  One side of the argument is the team was 7-9-1, should we really give a lot of raises to players on a sub-500 team or should we use that money on high-dollar free agents like Randall Cobb, etc.  You can't have both.  

The other side of the argument is Cam, Luke and Greg are cornerstones to what we are trying to do and they deserve to get paid. But remember, our last GM wrote checks for everyone in 2011 and that really set the team back.  I think there has to be a happy medium.  I say you for sure sign Cam this off season and you go to Luke and Greg and offer a long term deal that is team cap-friendly (less of a cap hit that if we had to franchise them after next year and possibly lower next year's cap #s).  If they balk, then they have to wait another year and see how things shake out.

Is that too dangerous of a game of chicken?  You tell me who we should sign and when.