Who Do You Want Next Week? Seattle or Green Bay?

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The Panthers went from 3-8-1 to advancing to the second round of the playoffs.  It kind of feels like we are playing with house money at this point.  But we can't stop now!  We have to push on and take things one week at a time.  IF Dallas beats Detroit, we travel to Seattle to take on the defending Super Bowl Champs for the fourth time in three years.  Every game has been close.  But if Detroit beats Dallas, we go to Green Bay.  Green Bay gave us a beat down of a lifetime earlier in the year, but our Secondary was totally different.  IF we go to Green Bay and win and IF Detroit beats Seattle, guess where the NFC Championship game will be held?  That's right, Charlotte.

So who do you want to win tomorrow and who do you want the Panthers to face next weekend and why?  Vote and then leave your comments as to why.