Hate to Bersin Your Bubble

Hi Panther fans, my name is Randy Inman and I cover the team for Sportsblog.com and you can see my work at http://pantherlair.sportsblog.com. I was asked to write an article here so here I am. Should the Carolina Panthers release Brenton Bersin after his dreadful performance as a punt returner in the playoff win against the Cardinals?

Brenton Bersin

Brenton Bersin has been a fan favorite in PantherNation because he is an undrafted local boy but that love was lost against the Cardinals. Bersin got a case of the yips and couldn’t be trusted to field the punts without a fumble.

Some Panthers fans wanted Brenton Bersin to be released by the Carolina Panthers. I think he should not be released but he should be replaced as the punt returner if at all possible. Philly Brown has the injury and is needed on offense so I would not use him.  I don’t know if there are any street free agents who could come in and return punts but I would consider somebody to do that if I was Dave Gettleman.

Bersin does have some value to the Panthers as a backup wide receiver especially with Philly Brown banged up. Jerricho Cotchery has some experience returning punts but not since 2010 and he has fumbled 3 of them in his career as well. Fozzy Whittaker may be an option but has never returned a punt in the NFL. I think in the end that the Panthers will stick with Bersin and hope for the best for the rest of this season.

By Randy Innman

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