Oh the Irony!

The Carolina Panthers will be facing the Seattle Seahawks in the divisional round of the 2014 NFL Playoffs. The Seahawks, hosting the game, open as 11 point favorites according to some sports books in the Las Vegas area. This does not bode well for the Carolina Panthers, but there is a bit of irony going on here, let me explain:

I read on ProFootballTalk.com that there have been 56 playoff games with a double digit spread since 1978. Of those 56, the underdog is 12-44. Good news for the Seahawks, right? Hold on, here comes the irony.

The last time there was a double digit underdog that won was… that’s right, the Seattle Seahawks! It was 2010 in the first round of the playoffs. Seattle, a division winner that had a 7-9 regular season record, hosted an 11-5 wildcard NFC South Saints team and won.

So once again, there is a double digit spread in a game at Seattle. The visiting team is a wildcard from the NFC South in the Carolina Panthers. One team had a dominant regular season and comes to the game with a 12-4 record while the other team struggled during the regular season and won their division with a 7-8-1 record. Hmmm…

I am not saying the Panthers are going to win, I am just saying history has a funny way of repeating itself. Go Panthers. Keep Pounding.