C3 Scouting Report: Seattle Seahawks

The C3 Scouting Report gives you the lowdown on this week’s opponent, the Seattle Seahawks.


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Division: NFC West
Record: 2-3
Division Standing:  3rd
Streak: 1 losses


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Key Players:  Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Jermaine Kearse, Thomas Rawls.

Hot Players:  Russell Wilson, Thomas Rawls

Cold Players: Jimmy Graham (TE), Gary Gillman (RT), Drew Nowak (C)

Tendencies: Heavy running team, play-action passing, QB scramble-run

Execution Last Week: Punted last 6 straight possessions in overtime loss.  Sacked a league leading 22 times and pressured on 48% passing plays, Wilson’s increase in rushing attempts isn’t by design. Wilson has become spooked. Offensive coordinator commented after the loss, “there’s times where something flashes in front of him and he started to move, thought he could go, and then he ended up backing up and you saw what happened. So it does happen, but I think for the most part – there’s no question that Russ has unbelievable toughness.”

Seattle’s poor pass protection has strangely equated to the team leading in rushing.  There’s been a lot of Wilson running for his life.  With 198 yards on the ground, Wilson isn’t on pace to beat out last season 849 yards rushing, but he is on pace to have more attempts than last season.  

Marshawn Lynch has been out for the last several weeks, but the Thomas Rawls has stepped in nicely during his absence. Lynch is set to return this week.  Still few Jimmy Graham, the rare seabird, this season.

Passing: Modest Wilson- (15/23 213 yds, 1TD, 1 INT)

Rushing: Very effective T. Rawls (23 att., 169 yds, 1 TD)


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Key Players: Michael Bennett, Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, Bobby Wagner

Hot Players: Michael Bennet 3 sacks, 1 FF on season

Execution Last Week: Poor. Seattle started the 4th quarter up 17 points. Cincinnati scored 24 unanswered, winning with an overtime FG. Kam Chancellor didn’t have a good game, looking a little lost as Cincinnati attacked downfield. Even Earl Thomas admitted being off his game, stating, I didn't give our defense a chance because I was playing a little timid because I wasn't fully prepared.  Sherman has had a quiet season so far.  There’s a ton of talent on this defense, but they look the most vulnerable of recent memory.  Historically a 17 point 4th quarter lead would make Seattle a lock to win. Not so much in 2015.

Coaching Last Week - fair to poor. Players looked confused at times. Offensive coordinator, Darrell Bevell, hasn’t been the most popular guy since calling the pass play that lost the Super Bowl.  He hasn’t found a way to utilize Jimmy Graham in the offense yet. After 6 straight punts ending in an overtime loss to the Bengals, Bevell has struggled to find a way to adjust and manufacture offense in lieu of poor pass protection.

Head Coach: Pete Carroll (84-64 Regular Season Record; 52-33 with Seattle)
Offensive Coordinator:  Darrell Bevell
Offensive Scheme: West Coast
Defensive Coordinator: Kris Richard
Defensive Alignment: 4-3

Tendencies:  The personnel the Seahawks have on defense allows them to open up the defensive playbook but the defense is more of a man-coverage pressure defense as opposed to the Tampa-2 zone scheme the Panthers run.

Standing:  Pete Carroll is safe and sound.  Darrell Bevell is the one under fire. 
Injury Report:

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