Panther Fans Explode at Greenville Carolina Ale House after Olsen's Winning Touchdown vs Seahawks

Ok, so those Panther fans were us, and my buddy Jerel got it on video.  It's dark, but I think you'll get the point.

It was an intense viewing party.  My friends wife's hands were shaking, we were standing in superstitious locations where it seemed the Panthers played better at, and we rode that emotional roller coaster you did throughout that game.   Add to that, there were some annoying Seattle Seahawks fans that tried to be cute with their shit talk.  It wasn't that they were talking junk, but more that it was just a bit conceded.  They were bad dudes, but we won't necessarily interested in hearing it.  We bided our time, but at the end we let them hear it.  Here's us taking a victory selfie with one of the most vocal Seahawk fans.  It's blurry from all the jumping around, but we got the last laugh.

We'd love to hear about your reaction.  Leave a comment, pic, or video link below.  I know we weren't the only ones who celebrated this hard!