C3FF Week 3 Muhammed League Wrap-up: Team Dominators Dominates!

Week three of the C3FF challenge is in the books, and the Commish here is sinking fast....I guess that will teach me not to try any "new" draft strategies in the future! At any rate, the Dominators scored a whopping 166.5 FP en route to defeating team NH GingerMadness by 50 FP and levelling their own record at 1-1-1 on the season.

Leading the charge for Dominators was our formerly own WR in Steve Smith, who had 42.5 FP. Julio Jones laid down 37 while our REAL own TE, Greg Olsen, put up a career-high day with 30 FP. Jeremy Maclin posted KC's first TD by a WR in the 21st Century and had a very strong 25 FP for the Dominators as well.

Here are the current standings:


Week 4 is underway, as the Ravens beat the Steelers in overtime last night!

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