ESPN Clowns Atlanta Falcons Fanbase

Any time I get to rub a little salt in a Falcons fan wound, I'm going to take it.  We've got to deal with these Dirty Bird fans twice too many a year.  It's a fanbase that is quiet and seemingly preoccupied when they are losing, but quick to take to social media when they find a win.   It's something we've clowned them about at every given the opportunity.  In fairness, however, if I was a Falcons fan, I wouldn't be on the rooftops shouting it either.  Shouting, it's something they've had problems with, given that their cheating scandal involved pumping in crowd noise to to manufacture some semblance of fan support.

Well this week, ESPN decided to call out Atlanta's lackluster fanbase. Where are these fans they asked? Why build a new stadium that will just have a bunch of empty seats occasionally filled by the fair-weather bunch?

Take a look.  It didn't make Mark Zinno's day obviously, but it did mine! And to the Varsity worker in the video, I'd be more concerned with them Panthers!