Week 6 C3FF League Muhammed Recap

League Muhammed Week 6 boxscores

Another C3FF week is in the books, and from the boxscores, it appears that Johnny Manziel's Drinking Buddy sobered up enough to field quite a good fantasy lineup for the week with 145 FP scored! Nice! 

Legarrette Blount was his top scorer with 25.5 FP, and that's not a huge surprise this week, even with New England's rotisserie RB approach. Blount has gashed the Colts in the past, so it didn't take a sober guy to figure out to start him this week at least!

Week 6 winner's game boxscore


Drinkin' bud's RBs were who carried him to fantasy victory as he started two; the second being DeMarco Murray, who had a highly productive game against the Giants Monday night with 23.5 FP. Charger WR Keenan Allen wasn't far behind with an amazing 14 haul-ins for 157 yards and 23 FP. Carson Palmer continued his winning ways, even if he scored "only" 18 FP it's still an acceptable day. What really helped as much as anything was the Philadelphia defense and the pick-6, a second INT, a fumble recovery and 3 sacks for a whopping 22 FP...that's unusual for a fantasy defense but it all came together to make Manziel's Drinking Buddy this week's top team in C3FF's League Muhammed.

The Commish here had a nice 2-game winning streak snapped, but not without putting up a good fight, losing 126-114.5. If Adrian Peterson hadn't had such a down day and/or Giants' kicker Josh Brown not been stuck due to a poor offensive performance by the rest of the team, I might have squeaked through with a win, but that's fantasy football for you! 

Unrelated, but a HUGE signature win for the Carolina Panthers on the road this week! Finally they were able to overcome the Seattle jinx, but just as predictably, some give the team no respect.

 - The Commish