C3FF League Muhammed Week 7 Recap

League Muhammed standings wk 7

Well, well, well....for the second time in three weeks, yours truly had the highest FP total, team Double-Cam Offense, of week seven of the Muhammed League in the #C3FF fantasy challenge with a whopping 162.5 FP!

I had quite a mix of stars and a couple of duds, and I'm saying that to encourage everyone who may feel they can't win at this point. The fact is it's early enough that if you go on a hot streak, well, anything is still possible.

I had two players, WR Travis Benjamin and TE Charles Clay, score 7.5 FP COMBINED. So, you see, you can be weak at a position in any given contest...even weak at TWO spots...and still win. It's all about who the particular player(s) are matching up against. Here's my box score:

Double-Cam Offense starting lineup wk 7

T.Y. Hilton FINALLY earned his high draft position - for me, the top of the 4th round - with only 4 catches...but those four catches went for 152 yards and two touchdowns. With the bonuses for total game yardage and long TD scores, he put up 37 FP on those four grabs!

Otherwise, Phillip Rivers had a solid week with 336 yds and 3 TDs with 2 picks, and the Rams defense and special teams racked up the FP like a pinball machine on a TD, FOUR fumble recoveries, four sacks, and allowing only six points for 24 FP - a dominant game for a fantasy DST.

This is also a great example of why you want to put RBs in anyplace you can - touches. I had 3 RBs in my lineup, two of which passed the century mark in rushing, and the one that did NOT was Adrian Peterson with 98! Doug Martin continued to produce with 21.5 FP while Chris Johnson finished off the scoring on MNF with 22 FP.

Off to a slow start, I'm now 3-4 with 3 wins in the past 4 games. It's the middle of the season when injuries crop up and being vigilant can mean the difference in losing and winning it all.

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