C3FF Week 4 Recap: Agents of F.I.E.L.D. Outscores the Field in Muhammed League


Week 4 is now history, putting the NFL at the quarter-done mark. Your Carolina Panthers are 4-0, but in Fantasy Football, it's all about the players, period. Agents of F.I.E.L.D. put up 127 FP to lead the league. Scores overall were down, and the Commish here got his first win of the season!

At least I won't be the C3FF version of the 0-16 Detroit Lions, eh? AoF put up 28 more FP than I did, and it's not surprising Devonta Freeman led his team to victory. Freeman has emerged as a top-end RB1 in FFL over the past two weeks, and only time will tell if he can keep it up. You go with the hot hand, however, and Freeman's as hot an RB as the NFL has recently.

As you can see, he won even without the services of a kicker, who can add 8-15 FP on a decent day(!!) He has to be happy with Matt Ryan overall, although he actually had an average week. That's okay, because as I pointed out, he had Atlanta's FP-star RB FLEXed. He was smart enough to realize that the Seattle Seahawks do have a below-average offensive line and started the Detroit Lions defense, even though they lost both starting DTs from last year's squad to free agency. They put up a TD, six sacks, and recovered 3 fumbles.

Freeman and the Lions D carried this team to victory, so remember, just a couple of outstanding performances can be enough to win you a match-up so stay on that waiver wire and/or start offering trades if your season (like mine) has been unspectacular.

Week 4 standings

Only 1 team with no wins or losses....the 0-4 Charlotte License 2 Kalil. That's a sign of a very good, competitive league.

 - The Commish

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