Josh Norman Fined for Cleats in Honor of Grandfather and Veteran

Josh Norman has had a flashy season filled with big plays and a lot of swagger where he has staked his claim as the league's top corner. Week in and week out, Norman has made a statement.  This week against the Packers, Norman again made a stament--this one, however, was a sentimental one.

Norman sported some flashy red, white, and blue cleats the Salute to Service game to honor his veteran grandfather, an Army Seargeant who served in the Korean War.  

Yesterday, the NFL fined Norman $5,787 for violating league policy for displaying a visible personal message while on field.  Norman had "PROUDBRAVE" stitched atop his patriotic, and somewhat flashy, custom cleats. 

Norman wasn't the only one who honored a veteran relative.  Coach Ron Rivera also wore an insignia pin on his hat and collar to salute his father.

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn
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