Cam Newton: A Quarterback Like No Other

Cam Newton

We are just now starting to really hear Cam in the discussion for MVP. It seems that there are three leading candidates for half way through the season, Tom Brady, Andy Dalton, and Cam Newton. Of the three QBs, Brady seems to be the top candidate.

Let's discuss who should be in second behind Brady. Not all of us are number gurus and versed in analytics. Even with stats, people still argue over the results. Why is that you ask, because statics are just propaganda with numbers. You can make them say anything you want if you know how. 

So let's not use stats this time. Let's play “what if.” Everyone knows how to play “what if.” What if the NFL had a new reality show and it started this week. The show... Quarterback Swap. The two teams in the first season's episodes are the Panthers and the Bengals. You know how the season would end? The Panthers would be 8-8, last in rushing, and the entire cast of defenders packed up and leaving after 2 episodes with the Red Rifle in black and blue. The Bengals with Cam at the helm, on the other hand, would be 16-0, number 1 in rushing, and scaring the crap out of Mercury Morris because he knows the Giants are not coming to the rescue this time.


Let's be honest here. Who do you think the players on the Bengals would rather have under center? Dalton or Cam? Dalton may not even be the most valuable player on his own team currently, forgetting the league. It seems the only real knock people have of Cam is his completion percentage. We'll, he doesn't throw bubble screens, and he doesn’t have little “garden gnomes” (Name of Patriot’s receivers given by Dan Le Batard) and he certainly doesn’t have a freaking dinosaur named Gronk that someone let loose on the football field. Besides, nobody wants to watch that show anyway. I am watching something better. Something the talking heads keep asking how the hell is this happening? 

When you have something special, something you can't explain, something no one has EVER HAD it's considered Valuable. I am watching the 2015 Panthers right now. The show has 11 more episodes left. We can finish this discussion after the show is over.

By Ed Reagan