Face Value Panthers Tickets - Here's How!

PSL Source

As the wins add up and the excitement surrounding the Carolina Panthers continues to grow, so too does the cost of purchasing single game tickets.  Many Panthers fans are currently experiencing sticker shock at the high cost of ticket prices relative to their original face value.  This past Sunday’s game against the Green Bay Packers broke more than just the all-time attendance record at Bank of America Stadium, but also set a new all-time high for average ticket prices purchased on the secondary market. 

What’s a Panther’s fan to do you ask? Well, pony up the premium for single game tickets is one option of course. But how about considering the possibility of making the investment in a Carolina Panthers Personal Seat License or PSL. In case you are not familiar with them, a PSL is basically a deed to a specific seat in Bank of America Stadium which provides the owner the rights to purchase Panther season tickets every year for that seat for face value. The owner is also entitled to purchase playoff tickets for their seats for face value as well. The PSL is a one-time fee and is valid for as long as the Panthers play in Bank of America Stadium. 

PSL Source provides an online marketplace where Panther fans can buy and sell PSLs at prices often well below what is charged if purchasing directly from the Carolina Panthers. Selection on the marketplace is also far broader than what can be obtained through the team.   

A direct example of the benefits of owning a Carolina Panther PSL, especially during a period of escalating single game Panther ticket prices, is detailed as follows:  For this past Sunday’s Panthers vs. Packers game two tickets in section 537 sold for $300 each or $600 for the pair. Meanwhile, on PSLsource.com two PSL’s in the same section are available for $600 each for a total of $1,200 for the pair. If you own these PSLs the face value ticket price that you would pay for the Packers game would have been $56 per seat or $116 for the pair.  Just think, you could have attended the biggest regular season game of the year for $488 less than what others had to pay to go! The savings wouldn’t stop there either as the upcoming contests against the Atlanta Falcons and Washington Redskins are fetching prices exceeding $150 per seat. Come playoff time, expect prices closer to the Packers game if purchasing from a secondary market source, rather than the face value that PSL owners pay.

Over the course of several seasons (or less if the Panthers current success continues) the initial investment more than pays for itself, while the PSL continues to maintain or appreciate in value if current trends hold.  The PSL owner is free to sell or transfer the rights to their seats at any point in the future for whatever amount the market will bear.

If you are planning on regularly attending Panthers games, want to become a Panthers season ticket holder, or are looking to invest in the future of the team, take a moment and check out PSLsource.com to consider the possibility of becoming the owner of Carolina Panthers PSL tickets.  PSL Source carries a prestigious A+ rating with the BBB, provides outstanding customer service, and offers a safe and secure platform to negotiate the sale and transfer of Panthers PSLs.