“Cam Newton Dab-bles in the Spotlight”

Cam Newton

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is loving the game these days. He’s guided his team to an unheard of 9-0 record. He’s playing the game like a kid on the playground and his infectious attitude has spread throughout the locker room. Not to say that the team is not taking things seriously, but you can tell this Carolina Panthers team has a certain swagger to it. Never before have they had to deal with being media darlings, leaving that to the Patriots and Seahawks of the world. But some are now attempting to cast Newton in a negative light for his “excessive celebrations.” The point forward he does to symbolize a first down, the “superman” celebration, and now the infamous “dab on em.” Titans players Avery Williamson and Wesley Woodyard tried to roll up and ruin Cam’s celebration, only to have their hopes dashed by an official. Undaunted, Cam threw them another dab and went about his business of beating the Titans. Let it be noted, earlier in the game, Williamson ruined the “hotline bling” while celebrating a sack. 

Cam Newton is not like your Tom Brady’s and Aaron Rodgers; he is a new standard for QB play in the NFL. Defenses have to account for not only his arm, but his ability to beat them with his legs. Do they now have to account for how to complain and moan about his celebratory dances? Will another coach whine about him breaking the “code of ethics” or “unwritten rules of the NFL”? His celebrations are no different than Brady’s “psycho Tom” fits he has, or Rodgers’ “discount-double-check” or Odell Beckham Jr’s 2-minute salsa routines. Cam brings a “new school” edge to the Panthers that they have never seen, he is the QB they need. He’s a QB the NFL needs, whether some people like it or not. He’s taken the Panthers into uncharted territory for a relatively young franchise, and doesn’t seem to show signs of slowing down. His attitude, his desire to win, to keep pounding are awesome to watch. And for those who seek to stop him, I leave a saying my mom used to tell me when I was dipping out mashed potatoes: “A lil dab will do ya..”

Keep Pounding…until next time!

By Jay Holman