C3FF League Muhammed Week 10 Recap

Yet another week gone. Hard to believe it has been over half a season now, but with the Panthers at 9-0, we have all been watching with higher hopes each week and don't want to be let down.

In fantasy leagues, you gotta keep up with the trends and keep on that waiver wire unless you can get involved in some odd trades *ahem!* anyhow...this week, yours truly the Commish spent now my third week in scoring the most in the Muhammed league in the #C3FF league. Johnny Manziel's Drinking Buddy and Cam's Medulla Oblongata have been the ones leading the field and continue strong at 8-2 on the season.

I had Double-Cam Offense (although the team certainly seems more singularly-Cammed without any rookie backfield help yet) on top for the third time, indeed. This time, I nailed 147 FP and without even having a starting TE - and without starting RB Jeremy Langford (!!) CJ2K has previously clung to my last FLEX position due to some bye-week blues but might be expendable come this Sunday with daaa Bearsss not dressing Matt Forte. We'll see. Meanwhile, click on and have a look at some of the others that made things happen:

Aside from All Day, Brandin Cooks had a nice day with pretty much all of what New Orleans put out on the field offensively. Otherwise, a lot of solid performances without any stinkers so that made up for the lack of a TE nicely. I'll have Gates back in this week. Rivers is up for trade if a good offer is made since Carr seems to be quite productive. Trade deadline looms.

It may all be too late now, at 3 games back and 3 to play before the playoffs. Probably my only hope is to win 'em all and get some help, just like in the real NFL...