CaMVP: More than a Stat Sheet Selection

As we head into Week 11, there are two undefeated teams remaining: The New England Patriots and my Carolina Panthers! Many people may think I am biased when I say Cam Newton is the NFL's MVP this season easy!  Why? MVP is the Most Valuable Player, and this year Newton is my guy. He has led this team to the game winning drives and taken control of Carolina’s offense by putting the team in the best possible position to win, all without the number one wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin.

Newton has accounted for 21 total touchdowns, 15 passing and 6 rushing. He’s a dual threat quarterback who will do anything necessary to win a game. He has his fingerprints all over the game; a stat that I found mind-boggling is 46% of the time that he runs the ball it results either in a first down or a touchdown. His versatility is creating massive headaches for opponents, and I have to say, it’s so much fun to watch.

The reality is his stats are never going to match Tom Brady's, but it’s not the fairest comparison given the disparity of talent surrounding Tom Brady either. Newton has been able to take unheralded wide receivers and help them develop into solid personnel group. I understand Julian Edelman just went out with a broken foot, and that New England lost Dion Lewis to an ACL injury, leaving just Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola to carry the water. Those guys are still major names and have had great success at the NFL level. Yes, Carolina does have one of the best tight ends in Greg Olsen, but after that it gets thin quickly.  Ted Ginn Jr., Philly Brown, and Devin Funchess are nowhere near what Brady has had the opportunity to work with. Cam Newton has brought out the best in these young guys that keep developing and getting better every week. Newton’s stats to be as flashy as Brady’s, but if you take Cam off the Panthers we wouldn’t be where we are right now chasing that Lombardi trophy.

Also, Newton’s game has matured greatly this year. He’s not sulking and pouting when games aren’t going our way. Instead, he’s just shaking it off and cheering on the rest of his teammates. His accuracy is improving as well. Sunday against the Titans, Newton completed a career-best 11 straight passes, showing he can do it all to help this team win! Oh, I almost forgot he has 29 games with at least one passing touchdown and one rushing touchdown, just two from Hall of Famer Steve Young's record of 31. If that alone doesn't put Newton in the MVP conversation, I don't know what will.

People may not like the Cam Newton swagger, well get over it because unless you stop him you're going to get it every time! His game isn't modeled by traditional stats; it's modeled by W's, and that's all he cares about. What he's done with this depleted roster is absolutely amazing! A lot of the time the MVP is determined by stats, but this year, looking at the entire package, Cam Newton is clearly the MVP of the league.

By Cassidy McMahon