Cam Newton's Cadence Game is Ridiculous

“REEAAADDDY”…yells out Cam Newton, in a distinct tone is clear and carries into viewers living rooms, ”hoiii.”  The guy, who people claimed couldn’t be a real quarterback, has been toying with opposing defenses, using the hard count to expose blitzers and draw helpful penalties.  Against Washington, he drew the defense offsides four times, and, at one point, Newton caused the defense to jump on consecutive plays.

Newton has been playing with tremendous confidence this season. In NFL’s Mic’d Up, Newton knew he could bait Washington into some painful penalties.  On the sidelines, Newton told quarterback coach Ken Dorsey, “I’m going to get #91. He’s trying to cheat us.” He never got Ryan Kerrigan, but he did get #90, #92, #93, and #97.  “My cadence game, is like, it’s ridiculous,” Cam stated as he strategized how to manipulate the Washington defense. Dorsey advised if Newton had time on the play clock to “hit them with the double count.”  “It would be over,” Newton responded jokingly.  He was right, it was over.  “What is that like eight times,” Newton mocked as he walked away smiling as he drew Washington offsides for the fourth time with the double-count.  (Check out this clip of Cam working hard count)

It’s not just Newton’s cadence game that has been ridiculous this season. He’s been playing the best football of his career. With 20 TDs and only 9 INTs, Newton has been playing smart football, dissecting defenses, connecting on the deep ball, and, even when he does miss the mark, it always seems as if he is making the right reads. Newton’s total passing yards (2283) and completion percentage (56.9), may not be league leading, but the 10 wins are.  It looks as if Cam Newton is becoming that quarterback so many didn’t believe he could, and for those who haven’t yet warmed to Newton, I say, get REEAAADDDDY!

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn
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