Panthers Look to Break Romo's Wishbone on Thanksgiving

Breaking the wishbone is a Thanksgiving tradition.  First practiced by the Romans, the lucky superstition then spread throughout Europe with the Roman Empire. The Romans broke chicken wishbones, but when the Pilgrims migrated to Plymouth Rock in the sixteenth century, the tradition changed a little.  They started breaking Turkey wishbones, and the practice stuck. 

Football has also become a Thanksgiving tradition. This year, the Panthers join that tradition and play in their first Thanksgiving football game against the Cowboys. It’s a high profile game, and one where the pressure of being undefeated continues to mount.  This Thanksgiving day game is also an opportunity for the Panthers to put a new spin on an old tradition, much like the Pilgrims did when they started breaking Turkey wishbones. At the Panthers Thanksgiving table, they’ll be looking to crack a Tony Romo wishbone.

Tony Romo returned from a broken clavicle this past Sunday against the Miami Dolphins.  The Cowboys had been winless without Romo, losing 7 straight.  Their recent win, however, has reinvigorated the hopes of Cowboys fans, who now think they are primed to turn around their season. Many believe that wish begins by defeating the 10-0 Carolina Panthers on Thanksgiving. 

The wishbone, or furcula, is the fork-shaped bone resulting from the fusion of two clavicle bones. Romans, Romo, clavicle bones….it’s all starting to add up. 

I’m not suggesting the Panthers will be trying literally to injure Romo in the Thanksgiving game. I’m sure they won’t shed tears if it occurs, but Carolina will be seeking to break the Cowboys metaphoric wishbone at their first Thanksgiving celebration.  It won’t be luck if they do either. Beating the Cowboys on one of the biggest sports stages will instead be one more step in creating new football traditions--traditions involving the Carolina Panthers.

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn
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